The Simpsons Couch Gag


I love The Simpsons, if it isnt obvious. I’m not an insane fanatic that has every single piece of memorabilia but it’s been a bigger part of my life than a lot of people or things I know. So it has a special place in my brain and heart.

Ever since all the “guest” couch gags have been happening, I’ve had the fantasy of doing one myself. But I feel like it’s one of those situations where if I had the opportunity, my brain would fart and cry like a baby. If you haven’t the guest couch gags, check a few of some choice ones below. There are definitely more, go check them out.

PS. If there isnt already a pin of JUST the couch… that needs to happen.

Steve Cutts

Guillermo Del Toro

Robot Chicken


John Kricfalusi

Rick and Morty

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