The LEGO Batman Movie

I loved the Lego Movie and Will Arnett as Batman. I’ve heard nothing good about Batman V. Superman. Let’s hope this movie brings back balance.

The 1996 Project

This is ridiculously cute. Kids do a play on the biggest moments in hip hop for 1996.

Air Deadpool Pin

I had to, I grew up on Jordan’s and the X-Teams.

I specifically was into X-Force, so I remember when Deadpool made his first appearance with the memorable Gideon hehe. Deadpool was a little serious back then but he was still pretty awesome. I was also super into Jordans, it was unavoidable because I grew up in Chicago during the Bull’s Dynasty. I pretty much collected Michael Jordan cards almost exclusively. I sounded like a cool kid, huh? lol

Anyway, here is my new pin the “Air Deadpool”:

I have a few other cool ones that’ll drop really soon. Please keep an eye out and follow me on instagram.

Whose side are you on?!

Jesus, it’s like I post nothing but videos haha. Anyway, this is just looking better and better as more trailers come out. I CANT WAIT! Whose side are you on!?

Skratch Bastid – “Street Fighter II’

"STREET FIGHTER II" DJ Remix – Skratch BastidBreak out the SNES…Shot & Edited by – Dreadnaught DigitalBeat: Daniel Crawford "Dshon82" "Captain Capcom"

Posted by Skratch Bastid on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Such a beast…

Loving Vincent Trailer

This looks like a beautiful movie. The crazy thing about it, is the WHOLE movie is painted. 12 oil paintings per second, all done by over 100 painters trained in the same style. Insanity. I hope the movie is good and worth the effort.

Kinsey x The Hundreds

WAIT, WHET?! Dave Kinsey is a Sr. Art Director at The Hundreds?! Fuck, that’s messing with my mind a little bit. In a good way tho…That brand just got even cooler in my head.

Dave Kinsey has been a big influence and art hero to me. I caught his work while still in college and I loved what he did then. The way his art has evolved is incredible and he’s one of the few dudes whose body of work that I’ve continually followed and still like. You can see some of his clear influence in my earlier paintings. He makes me mad and disappointed in my own work, for sure.

The Hundreds is a brand that I really like and respect. Aside from the HUGE contribution to art/design/streetwear, I really dig how Bobby, Ben, & co stick to their shit and keep doing what they wanna do. You can sense from their pieces, that they’re having a good time but are still hustling. I saw an interview with Bobby once, during the initial cut & sew peak, and he said something along the lines of “we’ll try cut & sew stuff but I’m just a tee dude. So we’re a tee brand.” Something about that resonated with me and I’ve just thought he was a cool dude ever since.

Anyway, the video is a cool behind-the-scenes piece on a Warhol inspired tee that Kinsey did.