MJ Weeknd


So my family and I still listen to terrestrial radio some of the time. The Weeknd is everywhere on the radio, so after hearing him a billion times and with how catchy his songs can be, our daughter digs his sound. I’m not super into her singing about being numb on drugs and booty calls, so we thought we’d point her to his obvious inspiration: Michael Jackson.

It’s cool because now Evie is way more into MJ than she is The Weeknd. I dig The Weeknd but let’s be real, he can’t top who he’s trying to be. So we’ve been working hard to develop a good MJ Pandora station and showing her a bunch of music videos. In doing so, it kinda jogged my memory on how awesome and epic his videos are! From “Bad” to You “Rock My World”, the theatrics, dancing, and visuals were just sooooooo good. The cameos were crazy and then seeing him and Janet do a routine together in “Scream” still gets me gitty.

Anyway, it’s been awesome to revisit all his (and Janet’s) old music videos with Evie and to see her reaction to them. She’s been trying to learn the end routine to “Remember the Time” and its really damn cute.

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