Lego x Voltron

Lego Ideas is a subsite of Lego that let’s amateur builders display their pieces to get voted on for possible production. Each submission needs at least 10,000 supporters to even be considered.

The user len_d69 designed¬†this AWESOME Voltron creation. Each Lion is it’s own thing but they all come together to form Voltron!!! The details look amazing, check out the photos below and then vote!


legovoltron2 legovoltron3

holy. shit. FFXV.

Dang it, I was considering copping a PS4 for FFVII but it might have to be earlier. Who else has watched this trailer over and over for the past few hours?

What’s up with the fake ass Cloud, tho?

This drops on September 30, 2016. Time to get a PS4…