The Blind Box interview

If you’re interested in checking out the interview I did on The Blind Box and haven’t heard it yet. Check it out below and make fun of me in the comments below that.

I hate the sound of my own voice and understand how much patience my wife and daughter have for listening to me all day long. blah blah blah, random story this, blah blah, comic books, blah, hip hop, blah, computers, blah, random story again, etc. Thanks Jamie and Evie.

The Creator’s Project


So if you’re reading my blog, you know I kinda dig pins. This was an older article but I never posted it here. Anyway, Vice’s channel The Creator’s Project did a cool write up in enamel pins and even posted my collab with @pin_lord! I even had my P.O.O.H. pin featured on the front. Very cool.

They’re also doing a weekly post of pins called “Endless Enamel: Pins of the Week #1”. Hopefully one of my pins will make it in there one week. Check out week #1 here:

Trying to draw more on paper…

I’m trying to make more of an effort to draw with pencil and ink, which shouldn’t be so hard! At least this started out as a pencil/pen sketch, hehe.

Ever since my wife got me a Surface Pro, I find myself doing everything digitally. Even sketching, whether its in Illustrator, Manga Studio (shout out to Brian Morris for pointing me to that app) or Sketchbook Pro. The sketchbook in my pocket ends up being the idea book or a place for SUPER rough sketches. I find myself conflicted for not picking up a pencil enough. I’ve probably talked so many people’s ears off about how I feel weird for not doing something on paper. My brain tries to CTRL+Z everything.

It’ll happen someday, I need to get back to painting too. I miss that. I’m rambling. Maybe this is my way of putting myself on blast for not drawing with traditional tools enough. I’ll shame myself into not forgetting where it all started, haha. okbye.

Air Deadpool Pin

I had to, I grew up on Jordan’s and the X-Teams.

I specifically was into X-Force, so I remember when Deadpool made his first appearance with the memorable Gideon hehe. Deadpool was a little serious back then but he was still pretty awesome. I was also super into Jordans, it was unavoidable because I grew up in Chicago during the Bull’s Dynasty. I pretty much collected Michael Jordan cards almost exclusively. I sounded like a cool kid, huh? lol

Anyway, here is my new pin the “Air Deadpool”:

I have a few other cool ones that’ll drop really soon. Please keep an eye out and follow me on instagram.

Marvel x Simpsons Villains

So as stated in the previous post, I dig the Simpsons. I also dig comic books and grew up in the worst/best era for them, which is the 90s. You know the era… Marvel, Image, Top Cow, Valient; aka big boobs, pouches, steroids, and guns. It was a good time but looking back I see how ridiculous some of it was.

Anyway, I’ve been having a bunch of fun mashing up some iconic villains (in my mind) from both the Marvel and Simpsons world. Here are some of them. I’ll probably roll with this series for a bit. I kinda wanna make some prints…

Fat Tony/Kingpin

Sideshow Bob/Galactus. I think I’m gonna come back to this and add an annoying/gnatty Bart/Silver Surfer.

Mr. Burns/Dr. Doom

run the donuts collab

If you dont know, then you’ll soon discover that I have an obsession with donuts, hip hop, and cartoons. Lots of cartoons but The Simpsons is definitely one of my faves. Big fan of Run The Jewels, so this design was a no-brainer. No intentions while making it, I just made it to make it.

So I hit up El-P to see if he’d be interested in the graphic. I had absolutely no expectations but he responds!!! Tells me he digs the graphic, I cry and fanboy out, throw up, talk to their manager, and a few months later the gear is made. The fact that this collab with Run The Jewels even happened still makes my brain bleed. It was an honor to work with them.

Please buy the gear here: