run the donuts collab

If you dont know, then you’ll soon discover that I have an obsession with donuts, hip hop, and cartoons. Lots of cartoons but The Simpsons is definitely one of my faves. Big fan of Run The Jewels, so this design was a no-brainer. No intentions while making it, I just made it to make it.

So I hit up El-P to see if he’d be interested in the graphic. I had absolutely no expectations but he responds!!! Tells me he digs the graphic, I cry and fanboy out, throw up, talk to their manager, and a few months later the gear is made. The fact that this collab with Run The Jewels even happened still makes my brain bleed. It was an honor to work with them.

Please buy the gear here:

Bloggin again

Well I had to delete my old blog due to reasons I dont want to go into, so here I go again. Let’s see how this goes. Might do some behind the scenes type stuff, rough sketches, and probably more personal/family/travel stuff.

This will be more of a personal record of travels, life, etc. While I’ll leave my instagram account to be more of a illustration/store output.